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Checking in, room for two

One of the most important things you can do to improve your relationship is to check in with one another.  No, not a daily phone call to find out what they’re up to at work.  No, not checking up on them either.  Checking in means creating time to communicate.

Take a few minutes to get together and say whatever is on your mind.  It could be about a rough time at work.  It could be telling your partner what a great job he’s doing at (insert item here).  It could just be about plans for the future in general.  It’s not meant to be a long discussion, a few minutes each day over your morning coffee or nightly glass of wine will do just fine.  Make sure to include both the good and the bad.  The trick is to do it frequently and make it a habit.

Checking in with each other helps nip any problems in the bud, resolving them before they become a threat to the relationship.


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