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Communication not competition

Communication is a team sport, not an individual competition.  Sometimes when we’re in a relationship, we’re so busy trying to get our point across that we completely forget about listening to the other person.  Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re in an argument and you’re so convinced of your position, you’re not hearing what the other person is saying – you’re trying to win.  Your partner is getting frustrated that you’re not even trying to hear their point-of-view.  Best case scenario:  the fight escalates.  Worst case scenario:  your partner gives up on you and the relationship.
  • You’ve had a bad day at work.  When you get home, your partner has a miserable look on his face.  Rather than asking what’s wrong, you immediately launch into a summary of your day.
  • Your partner is relating a story to some friends.  As he’s talking, you launch into your version of the story or start correcting his version of the story.

Competition is a natural part of life but you should be supporting your partner, not competing with him.  You may not even be aware that you’re doing it so ask your husband if you engage in this particular bad habit.  Potential pitfalls of competing?  Miscommunicating with or alienating your mate.  Yikes!


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