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Direct from my desk – week 31

It is not a new development that a number of women treat getting married as though it were a race and winning is paramount.  Getting married is the furthest thing from a race and those that rush into it either due to a whirlwind romance or an internal pressure  or those that choose a partner based on what they think is important to others is bound to find themselves with a tough row to hoe.

Some people may tell you not to marry the one you can live with but to marry the one you can’t live without.  While undying devotion is a nice thought, it simply isn’t a reality.  Passion will fade over time and you need to be able to maintain a reasonable peace with your partner.  The roller coaster ride of frenzied ardor will seem significantly less worthwhile when the highs are not quite as high but the lows are as low as ever.

Choose a partner based on genuine friendship and compatibility and make sure that your lives are running along parallel tracks.  Passion fades but love deepens and endures.

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