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New issues for newlyweds

When you leave the venue where you got married, you won’t feel any different.  However, the person you go home with is going to seem like a completely different person.  It’s almost as though the other person was sucking in their stomach for the entire relationship and they’ve finally let it go.

Hopefully you’ve talked through all your issues before marriage so you don’t end up like one of those celebrity couples who are divorcing before they’ve sent out their thank you cards.

When you move in together, there are a number of things you’ll have to adjust to (and not just the fact that someone is in your space 24/7).  Just make sure that you talk it through before you decide to cut and run.

  • Privacy – it’s not always guaranteed in a relationship so you need to set the ground rules.
  • Finances – go slowly, it’s better to be certain than live with regrets.
  • Cleanliness – your “nasty dirty” might not be the same as his “nasty dirty”.
  • Conflict management – how you handle yourself in a fight can determine your future.
  • Chores – even in an enlightened household the workload is never 50/50.
  • Boredom – the marriage is never as exciting as the wedding.

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