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Direct from my desk – week 29

This week I’ve spoken quite a bit about meeting friends and family and with good reason.  First, it’s nearly impossible to have a relationship without introducing your significant other around (or it requires a good deal of repetitive explanation and mitigating hurt feelings and expectations).  Second, your family and friends will have strong opinions about the person you date because (for the most part) they have your best interests at heart.

Because of reason #2, you should listen to what they have to say about your beau.  Yes, there are always family dynamics and friendship dysfunction that may preclude a person from giving you the best advice so as with most things, I’ll advise that you consider the source.  If the person offering their opinion is truly acting in good faith, they will offer an honest assessment from their point of view.  Keep in mind that their point of view is almost always biased so make sure you balance it with reason and logic.

Should your friend or family member offer a negative opinion, don’t get upset.  Listen to what they have to say and consider that there may be some truth to what they’re saying.  They might be seeing something that you’re not (after all, you might be blinded by love).  Consider their opinions and if they should or should not have any bearing on your relationship.  You may even want to bring up their concerns with your significant other to iron out any misconceptions.


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