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Meeting his coworkers

We’re nowhere near holiday season but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a company picnic or drinks after work.  Meeting your partner’s coworkers can be more nerve-wracking because a bad first impression can negatively impact his career trajectory.  (Don’t think that we’re beyond that – we’re not).

  • Get the low-down on the company culture from your partner.  Are they conservative? (You’ll need to cover up those tattoos)  Are they laid-back? (Your orange pants will be fine.)   Is there a strict division between the workers and upper management?  Ask him how he wants his coworkers handled.
  • Have him review your outfit ahead of time so you can change it if needed.  On the day of the event, if he says something about your hair and makeup – just change it.  This isn’t about you asserting your independence, this is about his career.
  • Mind your p’s and q’s.  Take a night off from your vices (smoking, swearing) and drink sparingly.  Don’t over-share. Be polite to everyone, especially in the ladies room.
  • If he does something that rankles you – this is not the moment to discuss it.  Put a pin in it and address it after the event.
  • Keep your chit-chat bland and inoffensive.  Say nothing remotely controversial (avoid religion, politics, or strong positions on any topic).
  • Be charming.  Ask lots of questions, remember names (and use them!), tell inoffensive jokes and stories.
  • Make your partner look good!  This event is about him, not you.  Yes, it’s a little irritating to be demure arm candy but sometimes a shrewd woman is exactly that.

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