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Meeting his friends

At some point or another, you’re going to meet his friends.  It may be a formal introduction or it may be an accidental meeting but how you handle yourself will have a big impact on your relationship.  His friends will tell him what they think of you.

  • Be polite but friendly.  Don’t drink too much or swear too often – even if his friends are sailors.
  • Fit in but not too much.  These are his friends, not your friends.
  • Be careful what you say!  This is not the time to break out your “drunk in Vegas” stories.
  • Remember their names and use them in the conversation.  People find you charming when you remember their name and a few details about them (but nothing they haven’t told you themselves).
  • Don’t pump them for information unless you want to look like a psycho.
  • Listen to what they have to say about him and make silent notes.  Make sure the information he’s telling you lines up with the information his friends are telling you.
  • If they start bashing him, don’t join in.  A smile with “I haven’t found anything not to like about him.” should answer any inquiries.

Get to know his friends as people.  Don’t try to impress them as you’ll only look arrogant.  Be as laid-back as possible unless something goes against your morals, then simply excuse yourself to the washroom until the activity is over.  Pay attention to who his friends are as they will tell you more about your boyfriend by their character and their actions than by mere words.


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