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Pareto principle for relationships

The Pareto Principle states (concisely) that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts.  Knowing this can benefit your relationships in two ways:

  1. 80% of your relationship success will come from 20% of the work you put into it.  This means that the small things really do count.  If you concentrate on what is important to your partner, your relationship will improve and run more smoothly (btw, this also works for bosses).
  2. 80% of the arguments in the relationship will come from 20% of the actions.  If you find out what upsets your partner and work to fix those issues, you can spend less time fighting and more time enjoying each others company.

Neither of these examples should be taken to mean that you should lose yourself in making your partner happy.  However, analyzing what makes your partner and your relationship tick will help you determine if this relationship is viable in the long run.


2 responses to “Pareto principle for relationships

  1. The first time I looked at this I read it as the potato principle. I’m sleepy 🙂

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