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Cougars and pumas and cubs, oh my!

While for some of you, dating a younger man might also entail determining how comfortable you’d be in prison, there are others of you that might want to consider it.  Younger men can be delightful.  They have a high sex drive.  They have lots of energy.  They’re more adventurous and less jaded than their older counterparts.  You get to introduce them to new experiences and live vicariously through them.  They can also encourage you to try things that you might have passed up the first time.

There’s also a downside (there’s always a downside!).  They might be a bit immature and not quite ready to mingle with your friends.  They’re at a different point in life and their values may change over the course of time (example:  he may not want kids when you meet but 5 years later when all his friends are procreating he may feel differently).  You may have awkward conversations with his friends and family (especially when you have more cultural references in common with his parents).  Introducing him to new things might start to feel more like a project (and we all know how I feel about projects).

I won’t tell you not to date a younger man but beware that the long-term prospects decrease as the age gap increases.  Give it a try but if you want something more than just a sexual conquest, make sure that your choice is exceptional.


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