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Daddy issues

A relationship with an older man can be very attractive.  For the most part, they are more stable and secure than their younger counterparts.  They’re not starting out in their career, needing to put in more hours at the office than at home.  They’ve started to appreciate the simpler things in life and don’t feel the need to prove themselves in terms of conquests or beat downs.  They aren’t afraid of who you are or what the neighbors will think.  They’ve already “been there, done that.”  They know what they do and don’t want.  They know what they will and won’t stand for.

On the downside, the partners may never be in the same stage of life.  Older men generally have a lower sex drive and may not want to raise another family.  Partners may have different levels of physical ability and/or energy levels.  The language and cultural references may be different.  You may have awkward conversations with his children that are the same age or older than you.  Of course there is always the fact that an older man will have a shorter lifespan, leaving the distinct possibility that you will be taking care of him should he fall seriously ill and that you will be spending your golden years alone.

Should you decide to date an older man, pay no attention to the people who will pass judgment because the only opinions that matter belong to your and the person you’re involved with.  Most of all, don’t get so drawn into his world that you lose your footing in yours.


2 responses to “Daddy issues

  1. I can say I’m happy in my relationship with an older man! He’s more than ready to raise a “second” family with me and we’ve been going strong for almost 3 years now! No all age gap relationships are bad.

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