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Direct from my desk – week 24

When possible, I read my followers blogs and I believe that you are strong, competent women (and a few men interestingly enough – I read your blogs too).  I’m amazed at how you can be alternately biting and hilarious.  Some of your words are so haunting and I keep them with me during my day.  Your vulnerability encourages me to keep writing.  As I’ve said before, this blog was not born out my great dating experiences.

In the past few weeks I’ve highlighted some of the not-so-savory tactics that some men engage in.  I realize that this may come off as anti-male but that isn’t my intent.  I’m hoping to highlight things that you, as an eligible female, should be aware of and wary of.  I want you to be able to recognize these gambits and know how to handle them when you do encounter them.

Of course not all men are attempting trickery or deceit.  Some are clueless and need an education (whether you want to be the one to educate them is up to you but remember – he’s then a project, not a boyfriend).  Some are shy and need some encouragement. Some are just guys who are overlooked for one reason or another (maybe you have him firmly in the friend-zone).  So here’s to the good guys, the nice boys, and the gentlemen – may them come into your lives when you are ready to accept them.

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