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Managing his image

When you are in a relationship or even just dating someone, you are responsible for his image with your friends and family.  He may be a big boy and capable of taking care of himself but in terms of how your people see him – that’s up to you.

You know how we give guys nicknames when we date them?  Good Luck Chuck or Creepy Stalker Boy.  While this isn’t a horrible idea, you need to make sure that his true identity is never revealed.  If you’re telling all your galpals about Minute Man but then you decide to have an actual relationship with him – you’re going to need to spend an awful lot of time backpedaling with your friends and family and hoping that no one ever gets drunk enough to tell him about his temporary nickname.

Also, when you’re in a relationship and you have a huge fight with your man then decide to call up all your friends and let them know about it – be careful.  If all you ever tell your friends about is the bad stuff, that’s the only impression of him that they’re going to have.  So when you announce that you’re moving in together, don’t be surprised if some of them react as if to say, “with that cretin?”  You’re the one that gave them the idea that he’s a jerk.  Again, lots of backpedaling (and even then, people are going to be skeptical).

So ladies, before you spill ALL the details of your personal life think of the consequences.  You are responsible for how you present him to your friends and family.


One response to “Managing his image

  1. LoveAddict ⋅

    This is so true! good one!

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