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Direct from my desk – week 23

Are you the type of girl the drops her life when she gets a man?  Bad move.  You need your girlfriends.  They help balance you out and keep you from making mistakes.  Your girlfriends have a responsibility to be honest with you but to temper it with a little sugar.  They’ll have your back if you let them.

Don’t have any girlfriends?  Other women don’t like you?  Maybe you need to look a little further into yourself to find out why.  You don’t have to hang out with the girly-girls if you really hate shopping and teacup puppies.  Find women with common interests and develop the friendship from there.  You’re never too busy to make a friend.  And don’t tell me that you intimidate other women -unless you’re working hard to intimidate everyone all of the time, statistics are against you.

Plus, your girlfriend might be the person who introduces you to your next boyfriend.

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2 responses to “Direct from my desk – week 23

  1. Girlfriends are very very important.
    Its a therapist without having a time limit, or a bill afterwards.
    Now, I don’t have MANY girlfriends–probably because I am a bitch. But, I found other bitches to bitch with, so it all works out.

    Good post!

    xoxo L.A

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