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The law of diminishing returns

There is a law of diminishing returns in manufacturing.  This is not it.

The relationship law of diminishing returns states that whatever a man gives you in the beginning of the relationship is gradually going to taper off.  I’m not just referring to gifts and dinner, I’m also referring to time and attention.  As the relationship loses “newness”, the energy that both parties devote to the relationship declines.  This doesn’t indicate a lack of interest, it indicates a leveling out of the relationship, and perhaps it indicates that the relationship is in the maturation process.

So, two things:

  1. From the very beginning, you are teaching a man how to treat you.  Do not decline an offer of gifts or attention unless you are not interested in the guy.  (If you are not interested in a man, you should never accept a gift, even dinner, from him – do not waste his time or yours.)  Allow him to spoil you but don’t demand it.  It’s okay to reciprocate.
  2. When the transition occurs, do not freak out.  Keep your eyes open to see if the relationship is maturing or if his attention is wandering.  If it’s maturing, this may be the time to have the “exclusive” talk.

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