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Pay attention to the details

People reveal themselves in small ways.  Unfortunately, we’re usually spending too much time making them into someone they’re not to pay attention.  Until something big happens and then we wonder where the heck it came from.

The truth is that the red flags are flying way before we notice them.  Sometimes they’re there from the moment we first meet someone.  Sometimes it’s a phrase, question, or behavior that seems so inconsequential that we happily skip over it to maintain our illusion.  Don’t be the girl that is blind to what every else sees.

Pay attention to the small details.  Does he treat you the way you want to be treated?  Does he ask questions or make comments that leave you trying to rationalize them later on?  Does he make your friends uncomfortable?  You needn’t be confrontational but make a small note.  When you have a bunch of small notes, are you seeing a pattern?  What does that pattern tell you?

Remember, sometimes the answer isn’t a conversation, sometimes the answer is simply getting out of the situation.

Don’t be the girl with her head in the sand while the red flags are flying all around her.


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