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Direct from my desk – week 22

Slut.  Bitch.  Whore.  I’ve heard worse and I’m sure you have too.  These words can really hurt.  We shouldn’t live in a judgmental world but we do and when we cross “the line”, the epithets just keep coming.  What’s a girl to do?

First, realize that these are just words.  Yes, words when used that are generally intended to hurt the recipient.  If these words have no relevance in your life, refuse to give them any weight.  They reflect more on the user than on you.

Second, be cautious with the information that you give out.  You may want to share everything with everyone but it’s not always appropriate.  There is nothing wrong with holding back a bit.  You don’t owe everyone the story of your life.  Until you know how someone is going to use the information, don’t offer it.

Third, if someone around you is using those words against others, ask them to stop.  If someone around you is using those words against you, kick them to the curb.

Lastly, remove those words from your vocabulary, even in jest.  I understand the concept of “take back the word” but let’s face it, “normalizing” a word sometimes allows people to interpret it’s use as okay.  We’re better than that.

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