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It’s not a number, it’s a trap

When a guy asks you, “What’s your number?” and he’s not referring to your cell – do not answer.  It’s not a number, it’s a trap.

We seem to have this morbid fascination with other people’s number.  It seems to be one of the first questions that flies out of mouth once we’ve established interest.  Is it really such an innocent number?  Is it a measurement of their sincerity?  Is it a form of judgment?

Usually we’re attempting to form a judgment about the other person’s sexual experience and how seriously they take the act itself.  If a person take sex too casually, we assume that if we sleep with them, it won’t “mean anything”.  As you can’t tell what’s going on in the other person’s heart and head, you have no ability to ascertain how meaningful anything is to them.

Plus, most people lie.  The internet is filled with complicated formulas designed to derive someone’s “true number” based on the number they gave you.  The problem is that most people throw out a random number designed to make you think better of them.

So don’t ask the question as you can’t rely on the answer and don’t answer the question as you will only be judged by it.


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