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Smooth criminal

Unfortunately there are criminals that move among us.  Some of these men are good – really good – at deception.  And they’re not after your heart, they’re after your money.

We rarely think about it when it comes to dating because we feel that we should be open and that dating is a process of getting to know someone.  While that’s true, keep your wits about you and pay attention to small inconsistencies.  It’s far too expensive to run background checks on every guy you meet so keep the following in mind:

  • If he looks substantially different from his online photo, don’t wait to hear his excuse.  He’s probably already attached.  Politely leave and have no further contact with him.
  • If he gives you a phone number, look it up in reverse telephone search.  Make sure the name matches the name he’s given you.
  • Be cautious with the amount of information you give him about yourself and your family.  Remember, a lot of financial institutions still use your mother’s maiden name as partial verification of your identity.
  • Make your passwords something completely unrelated to yourself and with capital letters, numbers and, if possible, punctuation marks.
  • Bring cash on dates so you don’t have to put down your credit card (if you’re going Dutch).  Don’t give out your credit card number.
  • Do not hand over your ID to your date no matter how cute he says your photo is.
  • Under no circumstances should you fall for a sob story about how they need  money to get out of a jam – that’s what their parents are for.
  • Do not pay for something with the understanding that he’s going to pay you back.  He’s either scamming you or a poor financial planner – you don’t want to be involved with either.
  • Pay attention to inconsistencies and query them.  If the explanation is not sufficient, cut him off because subsequent explanations are not going to get any better.
  • Don’t hesitate to Google him – once.  You’re checking him out, not stalking him.
  • If you’re getting a bad feeling from him, just get out of the situation.  Be polite but you owe him no explanations.

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