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Cravin’ craven?

There is a very big difference between a nice guy and a spineless one.  It may be difficult to ascertain in the beginning because if you’re not paying close attention, it appears as though everything is going swimmingly.  Beware – this type of guy eventually turns (if you don’t get rid of him first).

You’re feeling like you’re incredibly compatible.  He’s into the things you like and he’s into you.  The only bad thing about him is perhaps he’s a little too safe, a little too boring but isn’t this the “nice guy” that I’ve been telling you land?  Not necessarily.

The two most common scenarios with pushovers are:

  1. You eventually get bored of a guy who agrees with everything.  He comes off as desperate.  You’re getting frustrated that he abdicates all responsibility to you.  You dump him.
  2. He is trying so hard to please you that he’s getting resentful.  Rather than asserting himself on a case-by-case basis, one day he explodes in anger.

So how do you tell a nice guy from a wimp?  A nice guy is going to stand up for himself.  A nice guy is going to shoulder his half of the responsibilities.  A nice guy will have your back in public but let you know that you were wrong in private.  A nice guy will respect you without disrespecting himself.


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