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Liar, liar, pants on fire

Everybody fudges something.  It could be your athletic prowess, your intelligence or your time in the Peace Corps.  Is it right?  That’s between you and your priest.  However, when you’re dating there are no small lies.  Any relationship is built on trust and when you lie, trust is eroded. Think of it as pouring boiling water on an ice cube.

There are many different types of lies however the ones you’re most likely to encounter while dating are:

  • Bad faith – they’re lying to themselves so they’re lying to you.  (I still have all my hair.)
  • Big lie – a lie that is contradicted by common sense.  (I’m not cheating, she slipped and fell on my penis.)
  • Butler lie – a small polite lie to save face.  (My boss is on the other line, I have to go.)
  • Exaggeration – seriously stretching the truth.  (I’m hung like a Clydesdale.)
  • Lying by omission – not giving the whole truth.  (No I don’t got five different baby-mommas.)
  • Minimisation – seriously diminishing the truth.  (It’s just not that big of a deal.)
  • Polite lie – a small lie we all know is a lie.  (I’d love to but I have to check my calendar.)
  • White lie – a small, harmless lie.  (You do not look fat in that.)

Only you can determine the number and seriousness of the lies you’re willing to put up with.  Be aware that some people merely see lying as a means-to-an-end and figure that it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.  This is a serious character flaw and when you meet someone like this – run!  They aren’t capable of changing this and the forgiveness/permission principle will become a theme in your relationship.


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