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Boy don’t try to front, I know just what you are

Every once in a while you’ll meet a guy who is so smooth, so perfect – says the right words, makes the right moves and all in the right time.  There is that little thought in the back of your head that this guy is perhaps a bit too sublime but you shove it down because he’s soooo freaking hot, right?  Until a few weeks later when that voice is screaming because you’re looking at the Flickr photos of him with another girl and they’re date-stamped just last week!

So how do you identify a womanizer?

  • Egotistical – he has a need to impress people with his looks and accomplishments.
  • Confident – he’s almost too sure he’s scoring points.
  • Manipulative – it may be subtle but he’s definitely leading the conversation where he wants it to go.
  • Attentive – he’s making you feel like the only woman in the room.
  • Seductive- he keeps leading the interaction around to sex (albeit perhaps subtly).
  • Mysterious – he’s not giving out much real information about himself.
  • Inner voice – something is telling you that he’s not quite for real.

Pay attention when those red flags are running up the flag pole!  Once you identify a womanizer it’s important that you keep your distance from them.  Don’t accept their phone calls (Lord, don’t even give them your number!).  Don’t give in to sleeping with them.  His whole purpose is to see if he can land you and he’ll use all the tricks in his arsenal.  Once you capitulate, he’s gone.

Most of all – don’t think of it as a challenge.  It’s not a game you’ll feel good about playing and honestly, you’ll spend the entire relationship checking his phone.  Womanizers do not reform, they simply cheat on their partners.


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