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Mommas don’t let your babies grow up

Momma’s boys.  They’re polite.  They’re considerate.  They’re abnormally attached to their mother’s opinion which probably means that you’re never going to make the cut and if you do, he’ll never take your side against her.  Once she’s no longer in the picture, he’s going to look to you to fill that role.

You can recognize a momma’s boy because:

  • His maturity level is probably not where it should be.
  • He’s polite and deferential almost to the point of having no opinion of his own.
  • If he does express an opinion and you express a contrary opinion, he’ll change his mind.
  • He tacitly asks for permission to do things.
  • He speaks highly of his mother but balks at letting you meet her.
  • His mother is still involved in his finances, either giving or controlling.
  • He outright compares you to his mother.

This is not to say that all nice guys are momma’s boys.  Nice guys are what you want to date.  Momma’s boys are not.  Dating, having a relationship with, and/or marrying a momma’s boy will put you in an unwinnable situation.  You will forever be caught between loving and hating certain aspects of his personality and you’ll feel as though you are playing second fiddle in your relationship.  At some point, he will want you to give him direction, to assume the role of his mother.

An unequal relationship will never make you happy.  Stay away unless you’re a serious masochist.


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