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Baby I got your number

If you’re dating, I highly recommending having a throw-away cell-phone specifically for dating.  Your phone number is like a tracking device where the jerks of males past can reach out and torture you at any point in time.  Why in the world would you do this to yourself?

So who are these guys anyhow?

  1. Ex-boyfriends, ex-booty calls, ex-friends with benefits, basically any type of ex that you’ve exchanged body fluids with.  These are the ones who call after 10 P.M. and ask what you’re doing.  I’ve explained it all here.
  2. Guy that you dated once or twice and it just didn’t work out.  Maybe it was his penchant for talking about his mother or his confession that he’s prepping for a doomsday scenario by larping.  He’s calling to find out if you’ll give him another chance.
  3. Random guy that got your number and calls you weeks or even months afterward when you don’t remember who the heck he is.  I talk about it here but suffice it to say, he’s gone through the address book in his phone looking for a booty call and he’s finally gotten to your number.
  4. Any guy that you thought you were done with so you deleted his info – now his number comes up as “unknown” so you answer it thinking it’s someone else.  Ugh!

Since it gets to be a hassle to change your contact information every time you want to ditch someone, I highly recommend a pre-paid cellphone, a throw-away email address and waiting until they’ve passed the three month mark to give them your real address.


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