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Dating at the speed of light

I love the concept of speed dating.  The idea of being thrown together with date-able strangers and having the event facilitated so that you’re forced to engage in one-to-one conversations – absolutely fabulous.  However, like nuclear fusion, we’re just not quite there yet in its current incarnation.

The problems with speed dating go beyond being thrown into a conversation with a someone who, other than being human, you’re probably going to be grappling to find some common ground with.  Of course whenever you go into a slightly masochistic situation you usually want your best girlfriends there with you, if only to dissect the evening’s offerings with later.  The scorecards are anonymous to the attendees so you may end up interested in the same guy as your friend – not great.  However I think the worst transgression about speed dating is that you get zero feedback about the rejections.  How can you improve if you don’t know what went wrong?

Still the idea of speed dating is a fascinating one.  If nothing else, you’ll get a chance to practice your small talk (you have been practicing your small talk, right?).  Or take a friend with you and have her (him?) watch your interactions – plan to do a postmortem over margaritas so you can get some constructive criticism.


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