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How to meet men

Finding men is not difficult.  They’re literally half the planet.  Finding the right man is slightly more complicated.  The trick is to meet men with whom  you have common interests while maintaining your lifestyle.

The good news is if you do things that you already enjoy you’ll meet men with a built-in common interest and you’ll be living your life at the same time.  Consider what you like to do and then get more involved.

  • If you’re sporty, join a gym, a team or a group devoted to your athletic interests.
  • If you’re religious, join a group at your congregation.
  • If you’re philanthropic, volunteer at a organization with opportunities in your area.
  • If you have more common or uncommon interests, look for a social group in your area such as or
  • If you’re career-oriented, join a career-based organization.
  • If you’re political, join the local branch of your political party.
  • If you’re interested in learning, take classes at a local college or trade school.

There’s really no point in meeting someone with whom you only have a passing common interest.  Do not completely re-arrange your life in order to meet men because you won’t be able to or want to sustain the change in the long-term.


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