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Paging Mr. Right

Often we tend to get tunnel vision when we find the person we think is Mr. Right.  We focus almost exclusively on them, build a fantasy world around them and attempt to prove to them how perfect we are for them.  We spend an inordinate amount of time analyzing them and every word they’ve ever communicated, breaking it down into it’s minutiae.  We put a tremendous amount of pressure on making this work and it drives us half-crazy.

Then we transfer that pressure onto this fragile, burgeoning relationship and we’re surprised when it collapses in on itself.  In truth, not even a full-fledged relationship can sustain the weight of crazy.

Stop obsessing over every missed phone call.  Stop trying to force a fit.  Stop daydreaming about your perfect future together.  Stay in the present – you are here now.  Think of your impending relationship as a good book to be savored, don’t ruin it by reading ahead.


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