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Hello? Hello?

You give a guy your number and he does call (which is a great start, no?).  At some point he’s going to get your voicemail and you’re going to have to return the call.  Here’s the trick – only call back once.  That’s right, once.  Leave a pleasant message, all your contact information and leave it at that.  The ball is now in his court.

Do not call him repeatedly.  Do not leave a bunch of messages.  Do not call and not leave a message (caller id will let him know it’s you).  He hasn’t forgotten who you are.  He hasn’t lost your contact information.  Calling him multiple times will only make you look needy, desperate or a control freak.  These are not qualities that are going to endear you to him.

Do not send him a bunch of text messages – see above.

Do not wait by the phone.  Put on your big girl panties and go live the rest of your life.  If he has to leave a message, he’ll will.


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