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I’ll call you

We’ve all had an experience where you give a guy your number, he says that he’ll call you and he doesn’t.  So what’s wrong with you?  Nothing!  Again, men don’t like to be the bad guy.  They’ll take your number in the moment to avoid directly rejecting you figuring that it’s easier to indirectly reject you by just not calling.  (Of course, this isn’t including the jerks who collect numbers for sport.)

When you give a guy your number, mentally give him a time limit to call you.  Be fair – three days is too short, 2 weeks is too long.  One week is just about right.  If he doesn’t call within that time frame then forget him.

Did you get his number?  If he hasn’t called you in a week don’t call him.  Don’t be needy girl.

If he calls you a month later with some lame story about really wanting to call you but he misplaced your number – chances are he’s lying.  I don’t mean there is a 50% chance that he’s lying, I mean there is a 99.9% chance that he’s lying.  You have two options:

  • Assume that he’s after a booty call and he’s gotten to your number after everyone else turned him down.
  • Give him the benefit of the doubt, tell him that it’s going to take a lot to make it up to you and see how well he measures up to your challenge (hint:  don’t be surprised when he fails miserably).

Giving a guy your number is no guarantee that he’s interested or that he’ll call.  Don’t assume “I’ll call you” is an actual commitment and don’t pin your hopes on a cloud.  If he’s worthwhile, he’ll call.


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