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Avoiding the game

There are men who fashion themselves as pickup artists.  Some are good.  Some are bad.  Some are merely pathetic.

The good pickup artist makes it a positive experience from start to finish.  They make you feel comfortable, seduce you, compliment you and leave you happy.  Of course, they’re only interested in sex but perhaps that is your interest in them as well.  Not that I’m recommending casual sex.

The bad pickup artist leaves you with a feeling of regret and the desire to bathe in bleach right after an hour-long confession.  They use techniques like

  • peacocking (wearing something outrageous to get attention),
  • statistics (the more women you approach, the greater your chances of success with at least one of them),
  • time-constraints (he doesn’t have time to chat because he’s really busy, not because you’ll figure out what he’s trying to do),
  • competition (attempting to force women to compete for his attention by paying attention to her less-attractive friend), and
  • the neg (a vaguely insulting comment designed to prey upon a woman’s insecurities).

When you meet a guy attempting to manipulate you – run away.

The pathetic pickup artist uses the techniques of the bad pickup artist but less successfully.  Again – run away.

If you want to know more, by all means read The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists by Neil Strauss but please get it from the library.


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