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How to pick up a guy

Picking up a guy is, not surprisingly, remarkably easy.  Your biggest impediment is going to be your own ego.  You have to get over your fear of rejection.  The simple truth is that no-one is going to have a 100% success rate.  If you remember Construction Site Socialization Theory – it’s all about the numbers.  There are, however, ways to improve your score:

  • Eye-contact and smile!  If he returns your smile, it’s an easy approach.  Just walk up to him and start a conversation.
  • Touch.  Want to see if he’s interested by he hasn’t looked your way?  Squeeze your way past him with a light touch on the upper back or upper arm and, “oh, pardon me.”  This gives you the excuse for eye-contact and smile.  If he responds favorably, start a conversation.
  • Start a conversation.  Ask him an open-ended question, not a yes-or-no question.  If possible, make it topical and relevant.  Try to sound breezy and casual.
  • Ask him for help although this is not a great method for gauging interest as most men will try to be helpful.  You will need to come up with a strong second line of conversation.
  • Offer to buy him a drink, raffle ticket, whatever is small and on offer but go classic, not corny.  Most pick up lines are cheesy and should be avoided.
  • If you’re still interested at the end of a short conversation, ask for his number and make sure you call him (it’s important to be polite).
  • Brush off rejection.  If he declines be aware that there may be a good reason that has nothing to do with you.  Or he may not be interested but it’s better to find that out sooner rather than later.
  • Practice, practice, practice.  You don’t want to stumble over an opening on a guy you really might want.  Practice and keep in practice so you’re ready.

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