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Non-linear dating

Humans tend to be achievement-oriented and because of that, we tend to think in a very linear fashion.  Unfortunately we do that with dating as well.  This isn’t to say that there shouldn’t be forward progression in a relationship but we shouldn’t be thinking, “first we meet, next we date, then we become a couple, I get a drawer on at his place, then a key and we should be married by ohhhhh June 18th.”

Don’t lie, you know you’ve had dates where you’ve married yourself off to the guy before the appetizers even hit the table.

So as I have you considering guys that normally you wouldn’t have, I also want you to change your approach to dating.  Rather than daydreaming the relationship into existence (and thereby gifting him with traits that he may or may not possess), I want you to stay in the moment and listen to what he’s telling you.  Pay attention to the man and how he’s treating you.  Keep your guard up only as far as it needs to be and don’t get distracted by the glossy luster of a new relationship.

For the moment, consider dating an adventure without a specific goal.


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