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Interested and interesting

My last blog dealt with being approachable but there is also what happens after the approach.  Unless a guy is a hardcore masochist or trying to win a bet, he isn’t going to approach a woman who he reasonably believes will shoot him down.  This bring us to be interested and interesting.

Appreciate the effort he’s made by approaching you.  Smile and listen to what he’s saying.  It’s okay to banter but don’t be an outright bitch.  Comment on what he’s saying rather than concentrating on what you want to say next.  You’ll impress a guy a lot more by paying attention and keeping up your end of the conversation rather than coming up with pithy non sequiturs.  Be sincere with him and if he asks for you number but you’re not feeling it, politely decline.

On the other hand, there may be a variety of reasons why you decide to refuse an approach.  Maybe you had a bad day.  Maybe you’re playing it cool (btw, big mistake!).  Maybe you’ve seen him hit on too many girls and you feel like you’re simply the next number in the deli line.  Whatever the reason, remember to be polite until such a point where he no longer deserves to be the recipient of your good manners.


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