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Be approachable

If your immediate response to the title was, “but I am approachable,” then you probably aren’t.  Most of us think that we’re approachable and most of us are wrong.  Most of us come off as aloof or preoccupied to people that we don’t know.  We worry more about how we’re looking than how we’re coming off to others.  We tend to surround ourselves constantly so that we’re never spending a moment alone (God forbid we be alone in public!) Remember my assignment to be alone in public?  This is where it was leading.

So how do you come off as more approachable?

  1. Have your friends take a few candid photos of you when you’re unaware and then have a peek at your “neutral” face.  Does it need improving?
  2. Practice smiling.  Smile at your friends, smile at strangers (except creepy ones), smile at nothing in particular and for no reason.  Just keep smiling.
  3. Be confident.  Watch your posture and body language.  Speak slowly and clearly.  Bloom where you’re planted.
  4. Do things by yourself.  Unless you don’t have a needed feminine product in your purse, you don’t need to drag a friend to the bathroom with you.
  5. If someone makes eye-contact with you, make eye-contact with them and smile. (Creepy guys need not apply)
  6. When approached, be receptive and friendly without giving away the whole farm.

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