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Direct from my desk – week 16

People rarely think of dating as self-improvement but it can be.  While our friends and family happily coddle us to keep us happy, dating exposes us to the less-than-attractive sides of our personality.  With any luck, this knowledge can make us better, stronger.

Dating may bring to the surface jealousy, insecurity, obsession, etc.  The best thing you can do is identify these unflattering behaviors and work on them before they become a problem.  Listen carefully to the feedback you’re receiving, it may be couched in milder terms than it is meant.  Sometimes there is a kernel of truth in someone’s joking.  Just make sure that you’re differentiating between feedback and manipulation.

Be open to change and to constructive criticism.  It’s not always easy to hear but wouldn’t you rather have the opportunity to fix something that you didn’t know was wrong?


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