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If you can’t say anything nice

Now this may sound a little odd but take a step back and consider – how often do you disparage men?

I don’t know too many women who speak glowingly about their exes.  I can understand that.  There are a few exes I wish I could take an eraser to our relationship.  I’ve already mentioned that you should stop talking about your exes full stop and hopefully you’ve taken my advice.

Go deeper, society tends to make it socially acceptable to disrespect men, heck they even do it to each other!  They’re called dogs.  They’re called pigs.  We joke about how dumb they are.  We highlight their every bad moment for our friends’ enjoyment.  When it comes to men, we’ve found it okay to be mean girls.

Not sure if you’re doing it?  Take the phrase/joke/story and substitute in another gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and see if it’s offensive.

So let’s stop right now.  Let’s talk about men how we’d want them to talk about us.  Let us lead by example.  After all, how can we command respect if we do not offer it in return?


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