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Vibratory deburr

No, this isn’t a post on kinky sex although I’m sure we’ll get around to that eventually.

Vibratory deburr is a manufacturing process where-as the nearly finished part is placed in a vibrating machine with a bunch of plastic pellets – the result is that the sharp edges are smoothed off the part.  This is how I want you to approach dating at the moment.

Please do not go into dating at this point thinking that you’re going to find the one on the first date and live happily ever after.  In fact, stop focusing on a relationship completely.

Go into dating thinking that every guy that you talk to, have coffee with or even have a relationship with is going to help smooth your edges and help you discover who you are and who you want.  Go into each date looking for the adventure and look into each guy for what you can learn.  Make notes (no, I’m not kidding – it will also help you remember why you dumped the guy when he calls you 6 months later) so you can keep track of what you can accept, what you can’t accept and what you learn about yourself.


One response to “Vibratory deburr

  1. Liza

    That’s good advice!

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