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Every guy has at least one cute friend theory

This theory is one that I’ve talked about since middle school and while the circumstances may be different now, the general principle remains the same.  Back then it was a reminder not to be a bitch to any guy because he might have a friend that you’d want to date – you don’t want him to tell his friend bad things about you, do you?  Nowadays you don’t want a guy talking trash about you but generally speaking, you have to be far more of a psycho to get the kibosh from a guy.

Having said that, guys play by different social rules than we do.  While we would never dream of even touching a friend’s ex, guys merely require tacit approval from the friend.  However, if the guy only wants sex, there is pretty much nothing his friend can say other than, “she gave me the clap” that’s going to stop him.  Hopefully you don’t want a guy that won’t halt a booty call merely because of a pesky sexually transmitted infection.

The moral of this story:  Be nice to every guy you meet – you never know who he knows or who he may be able to introduce you to.


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