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Putting yourself out there

This is the scary part – putting yourself back out there.  Of course, you can’t (or shouldn’t) do this until you’ve done your homework, forgiven your exes and you’re ready to start fresh with someone new.  Do not bring your old baggage into a new relationship.

Start slowly.  Think of where you want to concentrate your efforts and how you want to meet someone.  Consider the person that you want to meet and where you might meet them.  Develop a plan but don’t hold too tightly to it or be disappointed when things don’t happen exactly as you wanted.

Most of all, be true to yourself and promise yourself that you will identify jerks early and kick them to the curb immediately.  Promise yourself that you won’t waste time on the could-be-right-with-a-lot-of-work guys.  Promise yourself that you make time for yourself and your needs while respecting the needs of others.  Promise yourself that you won’t think that a partner is the be-all and end-all – a partner should improve your existing life, not be your existence.


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