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What are you really looking for?

Are you the type of woman that starts out searching for something when she doesn’t know what it is that she wants?  That’s a bit like going to the supermarket – you’re surrounded by food but it isn’t going to make the meal for you.  You have to know what you’re looking for.

Some women will write out a list of what they want in a man.  They want him to be tall, rich, good looking and have a full head of hair.  While I can understand this approach, I believe it is inherently flawed.  By focusing on the ingredients rather than the dish, you may get a kumquat and a steak but will it make a satisfying repast?

Put the focus on the relationship, not the person.  What do you really want in a relationship?  Do you want to never run out of things to talk about?  Must your partner share your passions?  Is it the small things in life that really matter to you?  Determine what you want in a relationship, not a partner and you will have a successful feast.


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