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Discerning, not desperate

As you move forward looking for a mate I want you to be discerning, not desperate.  A discerning female will evaluate her potential mates and will make an educated decision about what is best for her.  A desperate female will accept any potential mate that has a pulse and shows sufficient interest.

To be a discerning female you must progress intelligently.  A discerning female will learn and retain as much information as possible about a potential mate and weigh that against what she’s determined she wants and needs.  A discerning female will catch-and-release any potential mate who is unsuitable and firmly close the door behind him.  A discerning female will not accept the low hanging fruit simply because it is easily accessible, she will climb to the branch where the fruit is sweet and the view is well into the future.

To be a desperate female you must simply accept whatever shows up on your doorstep.  A desperate female will not strive to improve herself to attract the quality of mate she desires, she will merely whine when they don’t materialize.  A desperate female will not rationally evaluate a potential mate, she will gloss over his flaws to make him more acceptable.  A desperate female will devalue herself and maintain pseudo-relationships to prop up her ego.

Which one would you prefer to be?


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