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Direct from my desk – week 14

Judging by the feedback in my mailbox my last post might need a bit of clarification regarding what constitutes a lover and what constitutes a booty call.  So here goes:

  • A lover is a monogamous relationship; a booty call is a non-monogamous arrangement.
  • A lover sees you at prearranged intervals; a booty call sees you sporadically.
  • A lover takes you out; a booty call takes you to the bedroom.
  • A lover texts you; a booty call sexts you.
  • A lover doesn’t allow you to fall in love; a booty call encourages you to fall in love.
  • A lover will empower you; a booty call will abuse his power.

When you have a lover, you’re completely aware that it is a relationship without a future.  He isn’t trying to manipulate you.  You’re honest with each other and eventually, the relationship will end peacefully as one of you moves on.

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