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Of drunk mouths and sober minds

A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind…or does it?  In my opinion, no.

I can’t recall a female friend over the age of 20 that hasn’t been the recipient of some form of drunken communication.  While those missives might be sweet, pleading and saying everything we wish to hear, let’s keep in mind that they’re being made under the influence of a mind-altering substance (think about it – if you can’t drive when you’re drunk, should you really be making life-altering statements when you’re drunk?).

Unfortunately there are three truths in this situation:

  1. Guys will say things that they think the girl wants to hear in order to further their game.
  2. Girls will believe what the guys say because they want to believe that it’s true.
  3. Anything that can’t be said sober isn’t worth hearing.

For a lot of guys dating is still a game.  If you’re going to play, play wisely and safely.


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