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Friends with benefits

So about now you’re thinking, “Girl, you have me eating healthy, working out and not engaging in casual sex.  Where’s the fun in life?”  I know, but be patient because this is a process.

To scratch the occasional itch, you may be tempted to go the Friends with Benefits route.  Unfortunately this theory has several flaws:

  1. As a non-exclusive relationship, one or the other partner will probably sleep with a third party, possibly introducing STIs into the mix.
  2. It takes time away from searching for a real relationship.  Being in a relationship, albeit a sexual friendship, will focus your thoughts on that person rather than seriously considering alternate partners.
  3. It creates a faux-relationship atmosphere that gets confusing emotionally.  Human hormones excreted during sex encourage bonding with your sexual partner.  This can lead to territorial behavior which will harm the friendship.
  4. When you do get a relationship partner, there’s a really good chance they’re not going to want you to be friends with someone who has been intimate with you.  It will destroy the friendship.  Not may but will.  There is no good end to this.

While it may be tempting, ultimately it’s not worth the price.


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