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Let’s talk about sex, baby

So what happens during sex?  Hopefully you have a good time however that’s not the only thing – your body is flooded with hormones and some of those hormones foster attachment.  Which is why when you sleep with someone, you feel more possessive of them.  Your biology is working hard to create a bond with that person for the purpose of procreating.  Your biology isn’t considering if he’s a nice guy or not, it’s just thinking that his DNA and your DNA would make some cute babies.

In other words, thousands of years of evolution are working against your desire to hit it and quit it.  This is a fight that you will not win.

Knowing that these hormones work in a similar fashion to addiction, you should deliberate carefully when deciding if you should or shouldn’t sleep with someone.  This can’t be done in fifteen minutes over martinis.  When you start to get tingly in your pink parts, take a step back and consider if this person is the right person.  Let your brain make this decision, the emotions will follow.


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