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Passing it out like Halloween candy

On the topic of sex – yes, you’re a liberated woman.  You can do whomever you choose whenever you choose and nothing should be said about it.  I agree however there is always a difference between can and should.  You should not be passing it out like Halloween candy.  This is not an anachronism.  It’s not prudish nor is it moralizing.

It isn’t about what the guy is going to think about you or what society-at-large is going to think about you, it’s about what you’re going to think about yourself.  It’s  rare the woman who has not regretted sleeping with someone.  Whether you did it because you felt pressured or obligated, you did it to cement a relationship, you had too much to drink – the reason doesn’t matter.

Promise yourself that you’ll only engage in sexual activities with someone when you honestly want to and it’s a good decision.  If it enters into your head for one moment that it’s not a good decision, it isn’t and you should gracefully excuse yourself.


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