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Put your exes on ice

Not literally of course – that’s still illegal.  Simply put – stop talking about your exes.  You’ve analyzed them to death with your friends.  You’ve bored your besties with random updates on your ex’s life.  You’ve sunk a first date by bringing them up.

The more you talk about someone, the more you keep them in your life.  In the meanwhile, you’re pushing away your friends and potential new exes with your behavior.  Honestly, if your ex was so fabulous, wouldn’t you have held onto them?  Maybe he done did you wrong, forgive him – not for his sake but for yours.  You can’t move forward if you’re hanging onto the past.

Resolve to stop talking about them.  If you find yourself bringing them up, stop immediately, apologize and refuse to continue.  If you get pressed, simply state that you’re no longer talking about them.  If your friends bring up your ex, explain to them that you no longer wish to speak about it.  If someone blindsides you with an unwanted update on your ex, thank them and change the topic of conversation.

Practice now so that when you’re dating you don’t inadvertently bring an ex into the conversation (guys don’t like it – really).  If your date asks about your exes, smile and tell him that there are far more interesting topics to discuss.

Commit to not speaking about your exes.  Do it now.


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