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Isn’t that cute?

OooooOOohhhh, you still have the stuffed animal that your ex won for you at the street carnival.  Isn’t that cute?  No, it’s not.  Keeping the stuff from your ex isn’t sentimental, it’s stopping you from moving forward.  If you surround yourself with items that remind you of your ex, how can you completely give yourself to someone else?

Start by gathering the stuff in one area.  Remove it from your bedroom.  Take if off your bookshelves.  Banish it from your life.  Once together, sort it into three piles:

  • Trash – like the “princess” bumper-sticker that he gave you even though you’ve promised your dad that you’d never put a bumper-sticker on your vehicle.
  • Charity – those stuffed animals that had taken up residence on your bed, wash them and send them to a children’s charity that accepts plush animals or to a charity shop.
  • Sell/Pawn – engagement rings, Louis Vuitton bags, Jimmy Choos.

Get these things out of your house as soon as possible.  Do not look back or you’ll turn into a pillar of salt.


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