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Unfriend your ex

It’s time.  He’s been hanging out on your friend list but why?  Do you think he’s really interested in your status updates?  Are you really interested in his?  Truthfully, he probably has his security set so that you only see a fraction of what he’s really saying and doing.

Are you keeping him on your list to stroke your ego?  Girl, don’t be stupid.

Consider your definition of friendship.  Does your ex really live up to that definition?  If not, it’s time to give him the old heave-ho.  Cut all ties.  Take no prisoners.  It’s okay, it will take him a while to notice that you’re gone.

Afraid of offending him?  Send him a little note stating that you’re making some changes to your profile, that you cherish the time you spent together but it’s probably best left in the past.  Then delete him.  If he’s the type to pull on your heart strings, consider blocking him.

I recommend blocking all of them.  Be ruthless.  Give yourself a fresh start.


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