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Ghosts of boyfriends past

Oh yay – ex-boyfriends.  We all have them in our not-so-distant past, some in our present.  So let’s talk about them, better yet, let’s write about them.

Like the relationship analysis, do this on paper with two columns: one good, one bad.  Then start filling the columns in with your exes good points and bad points.  Include all details – looks, personality, characteristics, etc.  Take your time, take a few days if you need to.  When you’re done start looking for similarities in each column.

This can also be done in Excel (it’s probably easier in Excel).  You can have one master “good” and one master “bad” column then assign each ex a different color.  When you’re done you can sort each column to find the similarities.

From the similarities you can see what type of guy you are attracted to.  It may or may not be similar to your “ideal” guy in your head.  Look at what you can learn from this.  Match this information up with your relationship analysis.  Do you go for bad boys only to have them cheat on you?  Do you look for nice guys you can walk all over then break up with them because they don’t stand up to you?

The information in these two exercises is your history – it’s up to you if you want to repeat it.


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