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Take responsibility for what you can control

While it may feel sometimes that the world is out to get you, that simply isn’t true.  You need to take responsibility for what you can control.  Not only the things directly within your control but also things indirectly in your control.

Take control of your life, your emotions and your reactions.  You are 100% responsible for your health and happiness.  You are responsible for getting back up and dusting yourself off.  You are responsible for holding onto all those bad memories.

You are also responsible for making a Plan B.  It would be lunacy to assume that life will be all sunshine and roses.  Plan for that traffic on a Monday morning.  Plan how you intend to handle your ex who calls you in the middle of the night (yeah, you know what he wants).  Plan what to say to your frenemy when she asks what happened to the cute guy you were dating (when she knows that he cheated on you).

What you can control is really in your hands.


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